Your Custom Talisman

Imagine your need, wish or desire enhanced and concentrated into a powerful magical artifact.

A physical object with it’s very essence focused on the successful outcome you require.

making your real magic talismanThe custom talisman you’re about to order has one sole aim and reason for being – and that is to help work day and night bringing your goal to pass.

It can become your hidden hand, a guide, a fixer and an ally, constantly working to help influence situations and attract beneficial circumstances.

And there’s nothing extra you need do except look, listen and act upon the opportunities presented.

No spells, no rituals, no complicated methods set up to fail.

Simply having this talisman on your person can ensure events begin to align with your need.

As coincidence builds upon coincidence, unexpected offers and surprise encounters should grow, and you’ll find nudges and gentle pushes all around you.

Some of these nudges may be subtle and almost imperceptible – others can be so strong they’ll make you stop and stare in disbelief.

And all we need is your What, When and Who…

writing about magic requirementsBefore placing your order take a moment and get the following clear in your mind. Grab a sheet of paper if you need to. The more you can tell us the better because if we don’t know your issues, we can’t allow for them in the magic.

1. Think of the what. What are your needs, what do you require, what would you like to happen? The more specific you can be the better as magic requires focus.

Generalities and vague requirements bring diluted results.

2. Think of when. Is your result something in the distant, mid or near future? Although magic can bring astonishing results almost immediately, some complex requirements or big asks can take time for all the right circumstances to fall into place.

Sometimes you may be so caught up in life that you don’t even notice the subtle (and often not so subtle) pushes and nudges bringing your result to you.

3. Think of who. Is this for you? Or is it for you and your family? If it’s for someone else do they agree to your helping them? This is important as powerful magics should never be focussed on someone against their will or without their knowledge.

We always recommend you start with yourself.

Finally – do NOT think of the how. How is where your magic talisman comes in. Magic is a peculiar thing and no matter how much we are convinced something will happen in such and such a way – magical results follow the most unexpected of paths. From circumstances you could never have imagined to weird ideas, coincidental meetings and discussions, letting this happen and enjoying the ride is key.


With those basics in place you now need an image, symbol or sign to help seal the magic into your talisman.

magical protection sigilThis can be the sign of the deity you work with, a magical symbol, a representative image of your desire – or as many of our clients choose – a sigil of their own invention.

There is no right or wrong image or symbol to use – it is simply a focal point on the talisman – one that has meaning to you or an established power.

Even if you can’t think of something right away don’t stress – a symbol WILL come to you now that you’re needing it.

And if you’re stuck – we’re always happy to create a unique design just for you.



alchemy and planetary symbols used in talismans and amulets - the sun, venus and saturn
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