Your Custom Amulet

Whatever you need protection from, whatever you need to repel – a magic amulet could have you covered.

The fact that such a small physical object can have such a strong shielding ability is testament to the powers of protection a well crafted magical amulet can call upon for help.

your custom magic amulet provides protectionAmulets can both repel the negative, the malevolent and the unwanted and at the same time bring positivity and happiness, boosting self-belief and raising your physical and mental state.

Personalised magic amulets can be set to aid protection against both the specific and the more general, current threats or possible difficulties in the future. They can help maintain joy or love and enhance relationships either in the physical world or with your chosen deity or other spirit entity.

A magic amulet can become your hidden armour and ally, constantly working to help improve situations, increase good flow and minimize bad energies.

And the best thing is there’s nothing extra you need do other than listening to and following it’s hints and nudges as they are presented to you through enhanced intuition.

There are no spells or rituals to carry out, no complicated methods set up to fail.

Simply by having this amulet upon your person you can gain a magical protection aligned with your specific need – and gain access to nudges and gentle pushes designed to reduce future risk.

How to get started: Your What, When and Who

writing about magic requirementsBefore placing your order it’s important to take a moment and get the following clear in your mind. Grab a sheet of paper if you need to. The more you can tell us the better because detail of the issues or difficulties you are facing can help create a focussed magical counteraction as a defence.

1. Think of the what. What do you need from your amulet? Is there something or someone you specifically require protection or shielding from? This can be a known person or entity, a strong suspicion or a completely unknown something. The more specific you can be the better your amulet can help. Do you just want a more generalised protection, enhanced luck or simply to repel negativity and situations that suck positive from your life?

2. Think of when. Often with protection from specific threats we want results and we want them quickly. Other times we’re looking at an unknown. Magic can bring very strong results almost immediately, especially in times of crisis, however some complex requirements or big asks can take time for all the right circumstances to fall into place.

Sometimes you may be so caught up in your problem or issue that you don’t notice the subtle (and often not so subtle) pushes and nudges the amulet is sending you to help. If this sounds like you we can add some magic to help with enhanced awareness.

3. Think of who. Is this for you? Or is it for you and your family? If it’s for someone else do they agree to your helping them? Normally with magic we’d say it should never be focussed on someone against their will or without their knowledge, but sometimes protective magic is an exception.


With those basics in place you now need an image, symbol or sign to help seal the magic into your amulet.

magical protection sigilThis can be the sign of the deity you work with or want to call upon, a magical symbol, a representative image of your need – or as many of our clients choose – a sigil of their own invention.

There is no right or wrong image or symbol to use – it is simply a focal point on the amulet – one that has meaning to you or hooks onto an established spiritual power.

Even if you can’t think of something right away don’t stress – a symbol WILL come to you now that you’re needing it.

And if you’re stuck – we’re happy to create a unique design just for you.



alchemy and planetary symbols used in talismans and amulets - the sun, venus and saturn
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