Which Metal To Use?

The metal your talisman or amulet is made from is always a personal choice even if some pieces lend themselves more to one metal or another

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We use silver or copper for the majority of our items and both of these metals contain strong forces which are often tied to particular magical workings, spirits and deities.

Although gold is considered the most magical of metals we would advise that unless you have a strong preference for gold – and deep pockets – most workings can be achieved with silver or copper.

All three metals are traditionally considered protective and so are suitable for use in any amulets. As far as talismans are concerned, choice of metal is best selected based on the task set and deities invoked.

If you require assistance in selecting a metal for any given amulet or talisman – get in touch. We’re always happy to help with any aspect of your custom amulet or talisman!

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Silver is best known for it’s association with the power of the moon, enhancing any lunar workings particularly those during the full or new moon.

Silver is identified with a number of goddess figures and night spirits, for example in paganism and witchcraft it is most commonly associated with lunar manifestations of the Great Mother, the eternal goddess. For many silver can provide a direct access to an associated deity and can double as water in any elemental magic.

Due to silver’s lunar associations, it’s a metal typically used to personify the yin and feminine energies.

In much the same way as the moon reflects the light form the sun, silver’s shine bounces back negativity from the wearer and so silver offers additional benefits when used as a amulet worn for magical protection and security, with folklore frequently focussing on silver being used to ward off evil.

When used in talismans, silver is best known for it’s ability to attract money, wealth and success – bringing in the positive whilst reflecting negativity. It is also know as a purifying metal, used in healing rituals and can help with clarity and focus in any task.

While gold is a metal of power and dominance, silver is seen as representing trust and truth – a far cry from it’s common moniker “The Devil’s Metal”.

We use pure silver (refined to a 99.9% purity) and sterling silver (92.5% pure) in our magical amulets and talismans. Both varieties have similar magical properties, but an added benefit of sterling silver – silver alloyed with copper – is it can take on some of copper’s magical strengths too.
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Like silver, copper has seen magical use throughout history and is associated with healing and emotional balance, and sees much use in love, fertility and prosperity magic.

Where silver is seen as a metal of the lunar, copper (like gold) is commonly held as representing the solar aspect and so despite copper being referred to as a feminine metal it somewhat conversely is capable of carrying strong masculine forces.

Copper is commonly used as a metaphysical conductor or conduit and can help focus and attract energies. It’s this attractive force that causes many to associate copper with being a lucky metal in that it brings beneficial situations and circumstances towards it’s wearer.

The combination of copper’s solar and lunar, masculine and feminine – together with it’s excellent conductivity and healing energies – means copper can be used for nearly any working and any needs or circumstances – quite literally the ultimate in multi-purpose magical metal.

Although it has almost unlimited magical uses for both amulets and talismans, copper is particularly useful in a healing amulet or an amulet designed to reflect negativity and passively favor lucky situations. In talisman form copper is an excellent choice for actively attracting luck and wealth without the negative risks of greed associated with gold-based magic. Copper’s links with love and fertility make it the metal of choice for both romantic and passion-inducing talismans.
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gold symbol in alchemy


Gold is the metal of the sun, solar magic, the masculine, divine intelligence, purity and spiritual enlightenment. Prized since the beginning of time and revered across all religions and belief systems, gold is best known for it’s protective and healing properties and for enhancing or multiplying any magical effects.

Gold has always been used in ritual magic, especially in relation to making amulets, with it’s healing and protective qualities lending themselves to gold being used as a powerful shielding tool. The ancient Egyptians regarded gold to be a symbol of eternal life and the metal continues to represent hopes of eternity in the wedding bands we wear.

Referred to as the God Metal, the metal itself being considered divine, gold has always symbolised the ultimate in power. It’s transformative powers are said to eliminate negativity, reducing feelings of overwhelm and burden all while building inner belief.

Gold has a strong magnetic effect for attracting further wealth, power and material possessions. Gold investment – in particular gold bullion is widely acknowledged as being a great protector of wealth. It’s solar aspects are also responsible for bringing wisdom, in particular the wisdom that creates wealth – and so gold is most commonly used in talismans when someone is looking to increase their wealth on a substantial scale.

This can unfortunately be taken to extremes and with it’s strong masculine energy gold can go on to induce greed and selfishness, something that if not desired, can be tempered with silver.
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alchemy and planetary symbols used in talismans and amulets - the sun, venus and saturn
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