Lakshmi Wealth Talisman

Lakshmi Wealth Talisman


Lakshmi Talisman for Wealth and Abundance, magically charged at molten state




Size: 26-30mm diameter, 2-3mm thick – Sizes are approximate due to the entirely hand-made nature of these items

Material: Solid UK Sterling Silver (.925 silver) or solid copper

Finish: As items that have been cast and moulded or poured and hand-struck from molten metals, finishes may vary enormously from piece to piece. Polished from the rough raw metal using increasingly fine abrasives, we purposefully leave areas of oxidation to keep the character of it’s fire-birth, and allow contrast between polished and unpolished recessed areas. These pieces are not fine jewellery but more of a traditional hand-worked folk-craft – similar in overall appearance to early Roman and medieval coins.

Care instructions: All natural metals develop a patina over time, through a process of oxidation. This adds to the beauty and character of the piece. How the piece is worn, touched or used will effect the speed of this patination. The metal used will also affect the speed: copper tarnishes the fastest, sometimes losing its shine in a matter of days, silver is much slower. If you wish to polish your item, silver or brass polish, or special metal polishing cloths will rapidly bring out a shine. Keep your piece away from chemicals, salts or bleaches as these will tarnish the metal.

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Sterling Silver, Bronze, Copper

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alchemy and planetary symbols used in talismans and amulets - the sun, venus and saturn
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