Hecate’s Wheel Talisman

Hecate’s Wheel Talisman


Talisman of Hecate’s Guidance, magically charged at molten state



Both a talisman for guidance and a protective amulet, the Talisman of Hecate’s Guidance calls upon the great Mother Goddess Hecate to shine her torch to guide and illuminate hidden paths, to show safe passage in dangerous times, and to pass once-obscured knowledge on to it’s keeper.

Featuring Hecate’s Wheel (The Strophalos) an ancient Greek symbol and emblem of the initiatory lunar Goddess Hecate (Diana Lucifera), this symbol carries great power for Hecatines, Dianics and Aquarians – and is traditionally said to represent Hecate’s three aspects: the maiden, the mother and the crone.

For others it represents three paths, the meeting point between dark, light and a “third” way – the journey which is hidden – and yet it is also a single labyrinthine path around a sun, symbolising the cyclical nature of life with it’s periods of light and dark.

The Talisman of Hecate’s Guidance can be made with and without a hole and jump ring giving it’s new keeper the option to carry the talisman, or wear it as a pendant*.

Charging of the Talisman

Available made-to-order in solid 925 Sterling Silver or Copper – our Talisman of Hecate’s Guidance is magically charged in favour of it’s new keeper, whilst the metal is white-hot – a ritual carried out to forge the talisman’s specific task and set it’s bond to you.

After ordering the Talisman of Hecate’s Guidance, we’ll write to you and get specifics on who the talisman is for, what specific task if any you want the talisman to carry out, if you have a favoured aspect of Hecate with who you like to work and any other details you’d like included in our creating and charging ritual.

We will then craft and magically charge the talisman, quenching it in water at the peak of our charging ritual – permanently locking the talisman’s purpose deep within it’s metal core.

For the Talisman of Hecate’s Guidance we take a further step after it’s quenching. We take the raw metal piece to a rural three-way crossroads where we have experienced a strong presence of Hecate and after a brief evocation ritual, we leave it undisturbed from midnight to midnight. This gives Hecate opportunity to further bless the talisman being crafted in Her name.

After charging and blessing, the talisman will be finished and polished to reveal it’s natural lustre, before being wax-sealed in paper to ensure the first hand that touches it is it’s new keeper. This first skin contact will complete the magical bonding and effectively turn the talisman “on”, releasing the magic within.

Using the Talisman

The Talisman of Hecate’s Guidance can be carried on the person, in a purse, wallet or pocket – or by requesting we craft it with a hole for adding a bail or jump ring, it can be worn as a pendant. Designed to provide guidance and also act as a protective amulet, the talisman can be charged to work through a particular problem, or to help illuminate a specific path in life, love or work.

It is also a continual reminder of devotion to Hecate and enhances any work carried out through her.

The talisman can be used as devotional altar offering, or to further amplify the power held within any Hecatine altar, ritual or Hecate-associated magical objects.

When held in the left hand and rubbed between forefinger and thumb during any casting, ritual or calling the talisman helps to reinforce and focus intent whilst protecting it’s user from any negative influences otherwise associated with the darker aspects of Hecate’s realm.

If held in either hand, against the solar plexus, heart or over the third eye – wherever you feel it has strongest communication – the Talisman will help answer questions, giving you a strong “gut” feeling to an answer, or will manifest a sign or message that answers your question. It is a true illuminator.

Size: 26-30mm diameter, 2-3mm thick – Sizes are approximate due to the entirely hand-made nature of these items

Material: Solid UK Sterling Silver (.925 silver) or solid copper

Finish: As items that have been cast and moulded or poured and hand-struck from molten metals, finishes may vary enormously from piece to piece. Polished from the rough raw metal using increasingly fine abrasives, we purposefully leave areas of oxidation to keep the character of it’s fire-birth, and allow contrast between polished and unpolished recessed areas. These pieces are not fine jewellery but more of a traditional hand-worked folk-craft – similar in overall appearance to early Roman and medieval coins.

Care instructions: All natural metals develop a patina over time, through a process of oxidation. This adds to the beauty and character of the piece. How the piece is worn, touched or used will effect the speed of this patination. The metal used will also affect the speed: copper tarnishes the fastest, sometimes losing its shine in a matter of days, silver is much slower. If you wish to polish your item, silver or brass polish, or special metal polishing cloths will rapidly bring out a shine. Keep your piece away from chemicals, salts or bleaches as these will tarnish the metal.

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Sterling Silver, Bronze, Copper

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