Making Our Magic Amulets and Talismans

Every Amulet or Talisman we make is hand-designed then hand-poured, moulded or stamped during a powerful charging ritual which permanently embeds potent magic within the red hot metal.

magic talisman for wealth

Pieces are typically made to your unique design and can be based around a sign, symbol or magical sigil that’s personal to you.

Taking your sketch, idea or illustration, we will work it up to a design that’s suitable for impressing on metal and ready for crafting into your talisman or amulet. When this artwork is completed, we will then either create a one-off mould to pour, or a stamp to strike and imprint your artwork onto the molten metal.

Now’s the time that the real magic begins…

Design and metal choice are just a small part of our magical recipe. Without the next vital stage you’d simply have an attractive token or pendant – but with it you will end up owning a truly magical item that’s birthed in fire to attract or repel, create or eliminate – on your behalf.

magic imbued at magic talismans molten stateAll of our magic amulets and talismans are individually hand-crafted by a 3rd generation high magic practitioner following a proven and tested process.

The raw materials for each piece are first physically and spiritually cleansed by fire before being magically charged with their goal through a personalising and bonding ritual while the metal is molten and able to accept this power deep within it’s core.

During this ritual, earth, air and fire are combined with other specific magical elements to create a physical and permanent manifestation of your intent and purpose, which becomes fused within the metal.

the still molten magic talisman is ready for quenchingAt the point where the spell-casting reaches peak power, the metal is artistically stamped or moulded and then rapidly cooled by quenching in water taken from our own spring water stream, completing the circle of 4 elements.

This elemental completion through quenching locks the life-force of the spell permanently within the metal’s structure and cements the now magically imbued amulet or talisman to it’s beneficiary.

part polished the magic talisman is now ready for finishingWith the magic now hard-wired into the newly minted piece we polish and hand-finish, bringing out the chosen metal’s specific lustre, enhancing the design into something that combines both it’s raw elemental beauty and new power.

A truly personal artifact with a life-long charge.

But the magic is still not fully complete…

Each item is carefully handled throughout our polishing and hand-finishing processes to ensure it’s never touched by an un-gloved hand. Your piece is then placed inside wax-sealed paper and packed up ready for shipping to you, it’s new custodian.

The first person to lay hands on the magically-charged piece should be you – the talisman or amulet’s keeper.

touching the magical talisman completes the magicYour unwrapping and first physical handling of the metal completes the magical “circuit”. It creates an elemental spark, triggering and sending the magic out into the universe, finalising it’s bond first set into place during it’s firing.


Choosing Your Metal   Choosing Your Design

alchemy and planetary symbols used in talismans and amulets - the sun, venus and saturn
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