Magic Talismans

Unique Magic Talismans Set Permanently To Your Will

Whether you’re opting to go fully-custom or made-to-order, ordering the creation of one of our magic talismans isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Each of our unique talismans combine powerful ancient magic, elemental and deity-bound forces coupled with a highly personalised ritual, cast at the metal’s molten state to imprint the talisman to you, it’s new keeper.

It’s a bond that’s literally set in the talisman’s core – and one that anchors your need, want or desire to a potent force that will make it so – at your behest.

Magic designed to attract power or materials, create beneficial circumstances, influence others or bend the fabric of the universe to provide your desires is serious magic and should be taken seriously.

Our magic talismans take your need and make it a reality through both subtle mechanisms and seismic shifts, making smaller adjustments in your life that delight and surprise or sweeping changes that bring about your new reality.

As with our magic amulets, we create fully custom talismans designed from scratch – uniquely for you – permanently charged and bonded to you through powerful elemental magic. Talismans can also be crafted and charged to order from our growing pool of suggested designs.

Making Your Magic Talisman

alchemy and planetary symbols used in talismans and amulets - the sun, venus and saturn
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