Magic Amulets

Magic Amulets for Your Peace, Security and Protection

All of our magic amulets are hand cast to our unique designs and made to order in silver, or copper. But unlike other amulets there’s a lot more to an Amulet Magic piece than meets the eye.

It’s not the beautiful designs or the stunning patina of traditional medieval style fire-forged metal. Our amulets contain a powerful protection magic, unique to your needs and ritually bonded deep within the molten metal as we craft your piece.

This creates a permanently charged magic, set to your needs.

When we receive an order for a new protective amulet we’ll ask for some personal information. You provide your particular worries, fears or other requirements, which we then work into a ritual written specifically for your amulet and performed during the firing of the raw metal.

This potent magic combines with every atom of the white-hot metal and defines the amulet’s unique purpose – and in conjunction with the chosen magical inscription, sigil or design of the amulet, it’s embodied elemental life-force is set permanently in your favour as the molten metal cools and solidifies.

Your amulet is effectively imprinted to you, to help and assist you or protect you against any non-beneficial forces at work in your life from the moment you receive it until such time as your need has passed.

As with our talismans you can select from a growing library of suggested designs, however…

Most of our clients have truly unique needs – and Amulet Magic will design, create and craft a wholly one-off piece imbuing it with high ritual magic for any purpose. We can even carry out the creation of your fully custom amulet on a specific day, time, planetary alignment or moon phase, further reinforcing the power of it’s essence.

Making Your Magic Amulet

alchemy and planetary symbols used in talismans and amulets - the sun, venus and saturn
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