Creating Your Talisman or Amulet

You’re about to have a unique magical item designed, crafted and imbued with a potent and permanent magic.

This magic will be imprinted to you and bound to completing it’s task, whether as a protective amulet or as a talisman charged with manifesting change.

making magic talismansYour situation in life and your requirements are wholly unique and so it makes sense that to get the best results with the most powerful magical assistance you’re going to need a wholly unique focal point.

When we make you a magic amulet or talisman we’re going to take the absolute essence of your need and concentrate a focussed magical solution within a small body of copper, silver or gold.

Through a unique ritual we will set this focus within the white-hot metal, strengthening it further by stamping or moulding your unique symbolic design and then fixing the magic permanently in place by rapidly quenching in spring water.

Once cooled the magic is set – ready to be released by you, it’s keeper when you first touch the piece.

truly magical itemThis magical item is no trinket or toy, it’s a literal and physical magical embodiment of your requirements in a highly concentrated form of spell. It’s effectively a living entity, set to your task. Some beliefs would go so far as calling it an egrogore, taken from the greek “watcher” – an autonomous psychic entity. Others may think of it a genie or as familiar spirit.

Either way having a powerful magical talisman or amulet created and imprinted to you and your need is not something to be taken lightly.

This magic is real and will help to bring your task to completion regardless of your belief.

So lets get started!

First we need to get the basics of your requirements clear in your mind.

The what, the when and the who.

Think of the what. What are your needs, what do you require, what would you like to happen?

In broad terms which of these do you want to achieve:


you need a magic amulet
Seek protection or shielding, repel malevolent forces or maintain good luck or blessings?

you need a magic talisman
Manifest changes, bring about events, create circumstances, attract or influence others?

alchemy and planetary symbols used in talismans and amulets - the sun, venus and saturn
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