Choosing Your Amulet or Talisman’s Design

The design you have struck into your magical amulet or talisman is a key part of it’s power

The symbols or imagery used not only help to focus your intent, they can call upon further powers and energies to your aid, increasing your talisman’s potency.

magic talisman designerFor many, a chosen deity’s symbol forms a central aspect to an amulet’s protective design. Some prefer an illustration or scene to represent purpose.

For others a self-designed sigil or magical word or symbol provides a shorthand, concentrated spell or incantation.

You can look to ancient books, grimoires and manuscripts and hook onto existing symbols of power or choose to create your own following a meditation or trance.

Alternatively you can ask us to create a design based on your magical needs.

The benefit of our magic amulets and talismans is we physically craft everything for you from scratch so you have complete freedom in what is moulded or struck into your item.

Provided a design can be physically made into a mould or stamping die at an appropriate scale suitable for your talisman, your unique design can incorporate any combination of words, symbols or images.

When these symbols are coupled with the inherent magic within the materials we use – and multiplied to peak power through our powerful firing and quenching rituals – your piece will become a truly magical item wholly unique to you and with strong and permanent abilities focused on attraction or repelling, creation or protection.
alchemy symbols used in magic talisman design

How the design process works…

You start by uploading a rough drawing, sketch or symbol or you can simply tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll create a unique design for you.

We then work with you and this drawing, idea or suggestion to produce a design suitable for transferring to a mould or a die stamp used during our creation ritual.

Depending on how complex your needs or how many changes you make as the creation process evolves, this can take from a few days to a few weeks.

As an example a group approached us looking to have a set of medieval style tokens crafted as talismans. They wanted to invoke the goddess Lilith and create powerful magical talismans tasked to bring knowledge, truth and wisdom to their keepers.

lilith and even medieval coin gnosisWe discussed this further and they liked the Gnostic story of Lilith and Eve along with the apple of knowledge and wanted to represent this alongside Lilith’s sigil and the morning star or “Bringer of Light”.

Our research uncovered a medieval woodcut illustration which we used as the basis of a central image, compacting the woodcut’s layout and adding a 6 pointed star and Lilith’s sigil – along with an inscription in latin reading “The Light of Wisdom, Brings Truth” to help reinforce the image’s message and the magic stored within the talisman.

Each talisman was then individually dedicated, crafted and struck with a die during our creation and bonding ritual before being further personalised.

With a final decorative patination and polishing the talismans were separately wax sealed in paper and sent to the group for bonding.

From our first contact and rough sketches to a final design, the crafting, empowering and shipping of the talisman set may have only taken 3 weeks, but has resulted in the creation of magical entities set up for a lifetime of aid and guidance.

The design process for YOUR magic amulet or talisman may be as unique as you and your needs are – but in all cases will end with the creation of a powerful, permanent and personally bonded magical force tasked day and night with helping manifest your wish or desire.

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alchemy and planetary symbols used in talismans and amulets - the sun, venus and saturn
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