Truly Magic Amulets and Talismans

We craft, forge, smelt and refine powerful amulets and talismans.

making magic amulets and talismans

Every piece we make is made-to-order, formed using ancient elemental forces – combining earth, air, fire and water to bond our amulets or talismans to both their purpose and their owner.

These items are individually hand-crafted by a 3rd generation high magic practitioner, with the raw materials for each amulet and talisman being magically charged through a unique personalising ritual when in their molten state.

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Magic Amulets

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Our magical amulets provide protection, repel negative elements and minimise bad circumstances. They can also be used to seek protection through – or align the wearer with – a specific deity.

In many senses our amulets can be considered a magical armour.

Our fully custom magic amulets are a must-have for anyone experiencing negative situations or malevolent influences and seeking relief!

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Magic Talismans

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Magic Talismans are created to help influence situations, attract beneficial circumstances and generally increase the wearer’s power through the use of ancient forces set within the metal.

In the same way that amulets are like armour – the talisman is a sword.

Each talisman is hand-crafted in our workshop, made to your specific needs and supercharged in it’s molten form with a lifetime of magical energy focussed on seeing your will be done.

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Magic Charms

Combining elements of amulet and talisman, our charms and charm bags are a lighter alternative to the high magic of our heavy-hitting pendants, medals and tokens.

Typically used to bring about general good luck, our hand-made and hand-struck metal charms are combined with other elements to produce recipes with a more focussed intent.

Carried in a bag, your purse or pocket our magical charms deliver a gentle and gradual beneficial effect and whether you’re looking for success, happiness, love or money, there’s a custom charm for you.

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alchemy and planetary symbols used in talismans and amulets - the sun, venus and saturn
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